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PE/PP Cargo Net

Trailer net as an important universal car accessory - trailer net is extremely elastic and robust. The integrated rubber strap wraps tightly and gently around each trailer to ensure your own and the safety of others

Products Description

Trailer net as an important universal car accessory - trailer net is extremely elastic and robust. The integrated rubber strap wraps tightly and gently around each trailer to ensure your own and the safety of others

High load securing when transported by road - this stretchable nets ensures optimal securing of the load during transport in an open car trailer. No slipping and falling out of the goods even when braking hard

Optimal fit of the load and easy handling - in contrast to a tarpaulin, this trailer net adapts optimally to every load shape and size; can be attached to and detached from any box of trailers in a time-saving manner

Very easy to clean and space-saving to store - before and after use, the net can be stored in any trunk to save space. No special cleaning and maintenance is required. Simply fold and store after use

Versatile use - Ideally suited as a transport network for cars, vans, trailers, flatbeds or as a covering network for containers

Different sizes - The tension net for trailers is available in different sizes(1.5x2.2m, 2.0x3.0m, 2.0x3.5m, 2.5x4.5m, 3.0x3.5m, 3.5x5m, 3.5x6m,etc)


Material: Polyethylene monofilament, UV-resistant

Weight: approx.180- 220 g / sqm, PROFI quality

Color: Black / Green

Dimensions: 1.5x2.2m, 2.5 x 3.5m, 3.0x4.0m, 3.5x5.0m, 3.5x6.0m

Reinforced and loosened all around incl. 6 mm thick rubber rope

Package: Plastic bag / Handbag + Cartons

Cargo nets are the ultimate tool for keeping your loads tied down. Especially useful for open truck beds, cargo nets are elastic, strong, and secure, perfect for helping you transport that big screen TV or helping your friends move.

Cargo nets are an excellent way to secure a variety of cargo in place. We both offer heavy duty cargo nets used in interior van trailers and light duty bungee cargo nets used in pickup truck tie down applications. 

Pickup Truck Cargo Nets

Heavy Duty Cargo Nets

Heavy duty cargo nets will keep your cargo from shifting and moving in a trailer during transportation. Our trailer cargo nets are made of 2 inch black polyester webbing with a break strength of 10,000 lbs. The cargo netting is adjustable with the built in hardware on the net. Choose from our heavy duty cargo net with cam buckles or our heavy duty trailer cargo net with ratchets. Both nets are manufactured with 8'' square openings to prevent small cargo from slipping through the net.

Why Buy a Cargo Net?

Flexibility. Cargo nets are flexible in their shape, making them ideal for holding down uneven and oddly-shaped loads. This is a definite benefit when you’re frequently hauling items that might otherwise be difficult to strap down.

Transparency. Because cargo mesh nets allow you to see through them, you can check on your load much more easily. Likewise, it’s easy to slip extra items under the net without having to undo it, making it convenient.

Convenience. Using a cargo net to strap down a load is a lot easier than with ropes, bungees, or other devices. They’re easy to attach and detach, yet still secure. When you’re frequently loading and unloading, that makes things a whole lot easier.

Heavy duty. Lots of storage nets on the market can hold heavy loads with ease. Make sure you get a high-quality net if you’re often hauling heavy objects–the material makes a difference in the durability of your net.

A strong, durable cargo net can make an otherwise difficult job so much easier. Our cargo lifting nets are manufactured according to U.S. Military specifications and have load capacities ranging from 4,500 to 50,000 lbs. You can choose from polyester, nylon, polypropylene and kevlar cargo netting to find the right material for your application. 

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PE Cargo Net

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