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Supporting Your Crop With Cucumber Trellis Netting

Jul. 27, 2021

Supporting Your Crop With Cucumber Trellis Netting

Not every plant climbs in the same way. Some plants will wrap around poles or sticks (such as beans), but there are others that grow modified roots along with vines. These roots are wedged into the bark or grout line on the building to support themselves in this way. On the other hand, cucumbers have tiny tendrils that protrude from both sides of the vine. These tendrils will entangle any support they can find, pulling the cucumbers up as they continue to grow. Because cucumbers use tendrils, they cannot grow on thick supports or trees. Cucumber nets, and even barbed wire nets, provide strong and slender support for the tendrils that wrap them.

Trellising with cucumber netting-a few facts

Cucumber trellis netting helps increase plant density because the vines of cucumber plants grow vertically with little or no manual guidance. This reduces the labor intervention of tying plants to poles or pillars and improves plant sanitary conditions because plants are not subjected to mechanical stress when they are tied. Cucumber nets also help reduce the mechanical transmission of pathogens, which are usually spread from diseased plants to healthy plants through the hands of the grower.

When you use the trellising with the help of cucumber netting, it is equally effective in open fields and greenhouses. The tendrils of cucumber are easily attached to the cucumber net as a support, and the horizontal or vertical depends on the line of the net. Trellising with cucumber netting support makes your gardener's work a little easier, and it also helps increase yield.

The best thing about using cucumber nets is that once the cucumber season is over, you can reuse the same nets to protect other climbing vegetables. It makes crop rotation easier because all you need to do is simply leave the cucumber net and pile it on the ground, and you can replant.

Trellis Netting

Trellis Netting

Every time you trim, handle, or tie a plant to a support system, it will put stress on the plant for several days. In the process of re-adjustment, the plant will provide nutrients to the leaves to help them reposition effectively. When you trim and manually guide plants, you automatically increase the risk of infection because plant viruses can spread through your hands without your knowledge.

You can also guide your cucumber planting with the help of cucumber netting. Compared with traditional methods, the yield of cucumber netting crops is better. When you direct your cucumber, it improves the growth of the vegetable and in-between aeration of leaves, thereby avoiding phytosanitary problems.

The cucumber trellis is not only functional in nature, but it can also help improve the appearance of your kitchen garden. If there is a large blank wall near your kitchen garden area, you can easily turn it into an attractive focal point by adding decorative lattices.

Now that you are quite well informed of not only the nature of cucumber plants but also their growth pattern, why not take action and use the humble yet handy cucumber nets to harvest some juicy fruits every summer?

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