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Plant Support Net

May. 08, 2021

Plant Support Net

Extruded plant support netting with 15x17cm mesh, made from polypropylene. Ideal for supporting vertical growth of many horticultural species. In floriculture, it is placed horizontally, the purpose is for the luxuriant growth of plants.

Plant Supporting Net

Trellis support netting can be used either vertically or horizontally in multiple layers to support plants when they grow. Ideal for growing vegetables like peas, tomatoes, pole beans, and cucumbers where the plants attach easily to the net with no additional tying necessary.

Product Description

Plastic plant support netting can be used vertically to offer support for climbing plants, vegetable plants, such as cucumber, bean, clematis. It makes grow health and have a clean and biggest harvest.

It can be also used horizontally to provide the space guide to make the plants grow through it. It is ideal for long stem plants like pepper, chrysanthemum, freesia, and carnation.


1. UV stabilized polypropylene

2. Tear-resistant, resistant to bacteria, chemical agents, and mold

3. Light in weight - Easy to handle 8g/sqm

4. Rot and rustproof

5. Double reinforced edges made the nets more durable

Our plant climbing net is made of polypropylene with UV stability. It's specially designed to provide vertical and horizontal for climbing plants and vegetables and provide horizontal support for flowers and trees with long stems. When laying horizontally, several layers of plant support nets are a very effective guide device for maintaining spacing during planting. When the plant continues to grow, a layer-by-layer net can be added to the support. This method has been adopted by many flower farmers, especially for planting long-stemmed flowers such as chrysanthemum, freesia, dianthus, etc. It is mainly used to provide attachment for climbing plants, provide sufficient support strength for plants, at the same time take into account ventilation, etc environmental factors. The climbing net we produced has been widely used in some major agricultural countries in Europe and America, providing convenient solutions for local farmers.


Material: polypropylene with UV stabilized

Mesh: 15x17cm, 10x10cm, 15x15cm, 20x20cm

Weight: 8-12g/m2

Color: Green, white

Width: 1m, 1.2m, 1.5n, 1.7m, 2.0m

Length: 10m, 20m, 100m, 500m, 1000m

Trellis Support Netting

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