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Plant Support:How To Use Garden Trellis Netting

Jul. 09, 2021

Plant Support:How To Use Garden Trellis Netting

Want to give your climbing plants the support they need but are not sure how to use the garden trellis netting? You are in the right place! The truth is, once the plants in your garden start to sprawl, it is too late to support them. You need to plan your garden before planting. Any experienced gardener knows that you cannot overestimate the ability of vines to grow in every inch of available space. Whether you want them to be there or not. It is best to let your plants know your intentions before they take over. In other words, they had a support system before they started to grow.

Garden trellis netting: a great growth solution

There are several advantages to using trellis netting. First of all, trellis netting is an easy thing to handle. It is light, meaning that one can easily install it where needed. It is durable and its weather-resistant nylon is long-lasting. Most importantly, it is strong enough to bear the weight of all plants. But it is still soft support for stems and vines to attach to. In the off-season, almost no storage space is taken up, and no special storage preparation is required.

Control those vining plants!

A wild, undomesticated garden is not only unattractive but also unproductive. Vining plants can encroach on the growth space, nutrients, and sunlight of other plants, thereby killing them. This is why you need to train them to stay in the space provided. This is the great thing about the garden trellis netting support system: it allows you to choose to plant these tight vines vertically.

How to use trellis netting

The trellis netting can be hung vertically from the edge of the roof, like a curtain. It can be placed on an A-frame made of metal or wood, so it has two corners, just like a tent. Or, it can stretch on the ground between two upright wood or metal piles to form a straight wall. The main thing to consider is how heavy your plants will be, and how big you will allow them to get.

Plant Support Net

Plant Support Net

If you plan to grow pumpkins, melons, gourds, or tomatoes on a trellis netting, make sure to buy some plant clamps. This will keep the fruit on the stem. Speaking of fruit, blackberries and raspberry vines also grow on the trellis netting in the garden. You will be able to train them straight up or in a long, horizontal pattern. The garden trellis netting is also ideal for lighter vines such as cucumbers, peas, beans, and herbs. They will have enough breathing space to provide enough agricultural products.

Garden trellis netter is also suitable for flowers

Don't forget to bring flowers! Morning glory, clematis, rose and other flowering vines like to hang on the trellis netting. It allows them to expand into the depths of their hearts. This means they will show the large area of flower power color wherever you provide the netting for them to fill in.

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