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How To Use Trellis Netting In The Garden

Jun. 10, 2021

How To Use Trellis Netting In The Garden

The trellis netting supports the vines and helps them stand correctly. It is a commonly used gardening tool to protect and support vines.

When in use, the trellis supports and protects the grapes from pests, insects, and ground rot. It ensures that plants do not need to touch the ground while ensuring that they grow normally.

Gardeners learn how to use trellis netting for air circulation in the garden, exposure to sunlight, and pollination. The device is made of steel, nylon, and plastic. The trellis netting is tied up and stretched around the frame to achieve its purpose. The net is very light but very strong.

Different ways to use trellis netting in the garden

It is relatively easy to install a plastic trellis in the garden. However, the installation of this plastic net mainly depends on how you want to apply it.

Install against the wall

When installed against a wall, the wall can be measured along the corner of the net. You can trim the trellis netting to fit a narrower or taller space. Lean against the wall and install the screw eyes. Then, fix the trellis netting on the screws and guide the vines to grow up and toward the net. This begins the climbing of vines on the trellis netting.

Stand-alone installation

It is necessary to establish a strong framework for the trellis netting so that your trellis net is on its own. Gardeners use connectors and PVC pipes to achieve this. They put the pipes on the ground and then put them in the connectors. Then, they measured the distance between these pipes, marked the trellis, and then inserted a steel bar underground. Then, the gardeners glued the pipes together with PVC solvent cement.

Here is an outline of how to do this:

Strike a steel bar where you want your trellis.

Measure the height of the trellis on the pipe

Bend the pipe to a 90-degree angle

Install two PVC pipes in the steel bar, and set up the pipes for connection

Trim the pipe to fit the raised bed.

Connect the pipes with couplings. Prepare to bend the pipe a bit to fit this structure.

Take the steel bars off the frame and take out your trellis net.

Tie it to both sides of the frame with the nylon rope on the edge of the net frame. Start at the corner of the frame, making sure it extends to the entire frame.

Use trellis nets in the garden

Trellis nets can benefit your garden in many ways. It guides vines to grow upward, rather than improperly sprawling. This kind of net can also guide a handful of fruits, such as pumpkins are similar in fashion, but a sling is needed to achieve this.

Knowing how to use trellis netting in your garden is a perfect way to start reaping the benefits of this wonderful gardening tool. Once you install it, you start to notice that your vine plants are booting and growing correctly. However, you should be aware that it is necessary to use a trellis net with a visible color to avoid injury. Similarly, try to keep the trellis netting away from the children.

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