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Bird Nets

Dec. 21, 2020

Bird nets are physical barriers that effectively restrain birds. As for our nets, if installed correctly and choose the appropriate mesh size, can ensure 100% protection. The polyethylene bird netting we produced can resist weather conditions and protect balconies and windows from long-term bird damage.

Balcony nets can protect your balcony against pigeons and other birds effectively. Creating a barrier by installing a balcony netting is the only effective way to keep pigeons on the balcony sometimes. The bird net is also very good protection for cats and other animals. The netting we provide is a complete set with all accessories which can allow for the independent, non-invasive installation of the bird net on the balcony without drilling.

Balcony nets included in the assembly kit are made of high-quality polyethylene, which guarantees high durability. The strong structure is ensured by a string with a thickness of approx. 1.0 mm braided from 6 separate polyethylene threads.

Due to its special structure, our bird net is highly resistant to stretching, tearing, and other mechanical damage. It doesn't stretch or shrink, can keep its properties for many years.

During the production of the netting, they are subjected to UV stabilization and impregnation, so it is also resistant to UV rays, doesn't absorb water, and doesn't freeze.

Pigeon droppings on the balcony and bird-broken flowers in balcony boxes are part of the daily life of inhabitants of many cities. Of course, you can clean the floor, balustrade, and window every day and plant new plants, but install bird netting for the balcony is a better solution.

Our protective nets for the balcony are an effective, durable, easy to install, inexpensive, and universal option. In addition to good protection against birds, the net can also prevent something from being thrown or fallen off the balcony (the child will not throw away the toy, the wind will not carry the laundry, the cat will not pass to the neighbors, etc.). 

Bird nets (intended for the balcony or terrace) provide durable protection for many seasons, which is extremely convenient and very practical. Anti bird nets are made of strong and durable polyethylene, so they will last for many years. This type of netting doesn't tear, doesn't stretch and it's can resistant to external conditions. It does not deteriorate and does not lose its properties due to frost, sun, or moisture. The bird net for use on the balcony also has additional protection against UV radiation. Its durability is also influenced by a special edge trim.

Balcony Safety Nets

How to install netting on a balcony? The bird protection net can be installed on your own or by renting a company specializing in the installation of this type of safety net. This depends on how complicated the architectural form of the balcony is, as well as on whether invasive or non-invasive assembly is used in a given case.

We are well aware that for owners of various buildings,

the most troublesome is birds, especially pigeons. They not only pollute the facade and their individual elements with their feces, but are also very noisy, and in their habitats, there will also have dangerous vermin such as pigeon fringes. In addition, they can get to places such as vents or even air conditioners. So we offer a very effective weapon for birds - specialized nets that will solve this unpleasant problem. A properly net is inexpensive to install, and at the same time completely safe for the animals themselves. Installing the netting on the balcony is crucial and should be done by professionals to ensure it is done correctly.

Bird net is not the only thing we can offer. We are constantly investing in new solutions that will allow us to fully meet your expectations and needs. Our company also offers cat net - it is an ideal solution for owners who live in a block of flats and fear that the pets could fall out of the balcony from a great height and hurt themselves. We have many solutions for every occasion, so we invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our products.

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