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Balcony Safety Nets:A Line of Defense for Young Children's Lives

Aug. 05, 2021

balcony safety net

Balcony Safety Net

Many citizens believe that the grid spacing of the balcony safety net is too wide to pose a great hidden danger to the safety of children. What is the standard for the spacing of the balcony safety net?

Why you should pay attention to the spacing of Balcony Safety Nets?

According to the pediatrician, 1-2 years old children have poor coordination skills and a wide range of activities, and they are prone to falls. Children aged 3-4 like to climb and imitate. They want to imitate birds and Ultraman flying, and they are prone to falling from high altitudes.

The doctor suggested that parents should not be careless when they bring their children. The clutter on the balcony and window sill must be cleaned up in time, and never let children use stools or desks and other items that are easy to climb as stepping stones. The most important thing is not to let the child out of your sight, let alone lock the child in the house alone.

What is the more appropriate spacing of the balcony safety net?

Family with children under 6 years old

Within 3 in

According to relevant research data, generally speaking, the breast diameter of children under 6 years old is more than 3 in, and the head diameter is about 5-7 in (more than 3 years old). Setting the grid spacing of the window sill safety net below 3 in can better ensure the safety of children.

Family with babies

Within 2 in

If you have babies and young children in your home, the spacing of the balcony safety net grid is preferably within 2 in. Because the head of a baby is generally about 3-5 in, if the grid spacing is large, the baby is in danger of getting out.

How to be more secure?

In order to prevent accidents, if the children's room is designed with bay windows, it is best to install half of the safety fence, preferably the kind of colored zinc steel fence that is not easy to rust. The safest way is to put a layer of iron or aluminum plate on the bottom of the balcony safety net to prevent children from danger when playing on the balcony.


As a Balcony Safety Nets Manufacturer, Of course, in addition to the spacing of the grid, we suggest you should know the material and thickness from the merchant when you buy a balcony safety net. Relevant persons in the construction industry also stated that a qualified balcony safety net must use steel with a diameter of 0.5 in or more and meet the national quality requirements. If you need them please contact us to help you.

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