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All Information about Shading Nets And Their Uses

Sep. 17, 2020

Gardening is not only a hobby but also a major responsibility that requires time and energy. It is an eternal journey, full of emotions with the sowing of seeds. In order to provide a high-quality nutritional environment for plants, people need to absorb as many nutrients as possible on the shade net. Try to get in touch with Shade Net Suppliers. The company has become one of the best Sun Shade Nets suppliers in China.

What is the shading net?

According to the function of the device, the name of the device is more meaningful. Sunshade nets are lightweight polyethylene knitted fabrics used to protect people from the heat of the sun and the effects of ultraviolet rays that we or plants may be unknowingly exposed to.

Within the range of fabric density, Agro Shade Net has a wide range. In other words, the density of the polyethylene fabric of the sunshade net can be between 50% and 90%.

The Shade Net with a density of 50% can only make 50% of the light incident on its surface, while the height of 90° allows no more than 10% of the light to penetrate downward. To read the density of Net Shade fabric, just subtract its percentage density grade from 100%. The remaining percentage is the percentage of light that is allowed to enter through the shadow.

Which Shade Net is best for me?

If you don’t buy sunshade nets for planting purposes, but take some protective measures to resist harmful sunlight, the ideal range is 80%-90% high-density polyethylene fabric sunshade nets. Any shade purchased within this range will only allow 10%-20% of the light incident on its surface to pass.

People should always expect this kind of shading net to darken the covered area, which makes it very suitable for building privacy barriers.

Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth

Which Shade Cloth is best for my plant?

Various polyethylene fabric shade nets with densities ranging from 30% to 40% are very suitable to provide photosynthetic stimulation environment for nursery programs. Allowing an appropriate amount of incident sunlight, it stimulates the maintenance of the conditions for photosynthesis of plants, thereby promoting plant growth at a good speed.

These are most suitable for farmers seeking to increase the growth rate of crops. Ideal for greenhouses and nurseries.

During construction-marked by easy installation and high-efficiency filtering characteristics, these mosquito nets have been used in various construction sites. Did you see those green nets wrapping the buildings under construction? Yes, these are shading nets, which are called construction nets because of their use in the construction industry.

Cover the stadium-these nets also cover the golf clubs and stadium. Therefore, they prevent weather disturbances, such as wind, thereby preventing soil erosion. In addition, it prevents equipment such as cricket and golf balls from flying out of the stadium when hit.

Parking blinds-In order to prevent the car roof from boiling in direct sunlight, you can use 90-95% density polyethylene fabric blinds again.

Poultry Shadows-If you have established a poultry farm and are looking for equipment to cover up poultry shadows, then it is best to use Shade Fabric. Never choose a wooden roof.

How are we different?

What sets us apart is the way we do business. We hope to provide customers with the best quality shade nets to match their preferences.

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