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Pest control bird netting

Bird nets are physical barriers that effectively restrain birds. As for our nets, if installed correctly and choose the appropriate mesh size, can ensure 100% protection. The polyethylene bird netting we produced can resist weather conditions and protect balconies and windows from long-term bird damage.

Products Description

Bird nets (intended for the balcony or terrace) provide durable protection for many seasons, which is extremely convenient and very practical. Anti bird nets are made of strong and durable polyethylene, so they will last for many years. This type of netting doesn't tear, doesn't stretch and it's can resistant to external conditions. It does not deteriorate and does not lose its properties due to frost, sun or moisture. The bird net for use on the balcony also has additional protection against UV radiation. Its durability is also influenced by a special edge trim.

There are a variety of anti-bird solutions, including anti-bird nets, bird spikes, anti-bird wires and poles, protective equipment and cleaning supplies. The Bird Netting we produce is the best solution to solve the  problems. This is a very cost-effective way to defend against multiple birds. Using bird nets, you must make sure to choose the correct mesh size. We have different mesh sizes to prevent sparrows, starlings, pigeons and seagulls.

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